The Heels Race

The Heels Race

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Helloo elloo to readers of Le Cuore blog. I hope we have been good in filling you with knowledge of shoes and feet. 

This week is yet another interesting topic, which is running in heels. Yes, you heard me right, running in heels. Nope, not the kind of chasing after the bus situation. We are talking about legit marathons and competitive runs, and these are recorded in the Guinness World Records!! We have definitely heard of some of the weirdest Guinness World Records such as having the longest nails, longest hair, and etc, but today, let’s see what we can find in heels.

First up, Julia Plecher from Germany who sets the fastest record of running 100m in stiletto heels with a timing of 14.531 seconds,  just 5 seconds slower than Usain Bolt. WOW!! This happened not too long ago, recorded in World Guinness Records 2014 edition. In fact, this is not her first time attempting doing the heel challenge. In 2009, she took part in a “Stiletto Race” (I am surprised that there is such a race) in Berlin, in a 8.5cm heels (though the requirement was only 7cm heel height). Here’s her quote of advice:

“You need shoes which ideally are closed in the front because you run on the front part of the foot. You have to be careful not to slip out. I think sandals would not be too appropriate. ~Julia Plecher

The next amazing heel runner woman to introduce today is Irene Sewell from Blacksburg, Virginia, who did a full marathon 26.2 miles (42.164km) in 3” stilettos heels with a record timing of 7:27:53 hours . Yes, she made it through the entire race. Seriously, kudos to her!! I am honestly not even thinking about walking in heels for 42km, let alone RUNNING in them!! Having said that, she has her fair share of endurance, having great pressure on her hips and ankle. In order to train for this marathon, she trains in heels way before to build up the calluses. Of course, that is not something we want to encourage anyone to do but her persistent spirit does deserve a big round of applause.

These inspiring women has shown the importance of a good pair of heels that can walk you a long way, or as per demonstrated by these amazing women, run you a long way too!! I am personally a heel lover too, all kinds of heels and thus, this makes me understand how it helps to give the ankle the correct support with a good pair of heels. We have customers who complimented us that our heels has gave her the power to stand a whole day in exhibition booth, or to walk long distances for the whole entire day without feeling too sore for the feet.

Find us today! We are always open for discussions and give you our most sincere advice. We have a few upcoming pop-up booths at the following locations:

1)     Tanjong Pagar Xchange, 25th – 29th Nov, 11am to 8pm

2)     Aperia Mall, 2nd to 8th Dec, 11am to 7pm.

See you there…

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