Thin Heels, Chunky Heels, High Heels, Low Heels

Thin Heels, Chunky Heels, High Heels, Low Heels

Hello Le Cuoreans,

This week, let’s discuss the different types of heels. I personally have met with customers who expressed some concerns when making shoes, on what kind of heels to make. With the multiple options we provide, it can cause a dilemma during your selection process. So today let’s help make a comparison for you.

A high skinny heel tends to often look prettier by enhancing the length of your legs, giving a sexier, sleek and more feminine appeal. However, the high skinny heel may appear to some as being less stable and the height too high for comfort. A chunky heel on the other hand, does provide you with more stability, but it tends to portray a rougher/ manlier feel, which may be a harder look to match with a dress.

Different people of all heights and shapes have different needs. So, here are a few suggestions for you:

1)       Instead of following strict rules like skinny high heels or short chunky heels, mix them around. You can have skinny short heels so that it doesn’t make you look “big” in general. For example, if you want to bring out your inner rockstar, you could try a high chunky heel.

2)      For those of us who feel vertically challenged and love the comfort with the additional boost, we can select high heels adding on to our confidence level.  An additional tip though, when the heels are too high (which translates to your foot working harder because you have to arch a lot and the tendency to fall forward), you should consider adding a layer of platform at the front of your shoes. This will help in relieving some stress on your feet and ankle, while keeping you look fabulous.

3)       But for some of us, the nature of our job requires us to walk a lot and/or stand for long hours. Does it mean you can only stick to wearing flat flats? Answer is NO!! Flat flats don’t give you the arch support and it will actually harm your spine with long term wear. Having an arch layer in your shoe is important to support the shape of your foot and if you are wearing flats, try to go for the kind which has at least a ½” height of heel. For a more formal look, my recommendation is 2” heels (instead of the usual preference of 3”).

We hope this post has got you thinking more on your next pair. Feel free to drop us a message either on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp for more discussion.

Remember to love your feet like they are your lover because you need them for life!!



Le Cuore- ET

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