To the Heel of It

To the Heel of It

Oh hello there, welcome back fellow Le Cuoreans and I hope you are having a great day, If you are not really having the best day, you made the right move by coming here.

Think I have forgotten you newcomers? Of course not and welcome aboard.

I’m sure you are no stranger to business travel, and not all pavements are flat and smooth for walking around the world. When I have to attend meeting and business trips, I do prefer heels, for that added confidence and height when I do my presentations or meeting customers or both. Before I got my first customized pair of heels, I’ve suffered through many painful business trips and till this day regret I tortured my feet so.

I tried everything to make each trip better by “pimping” my heels. I tried buying a size bigger, putting shoe cushions (every kind at every area), stretching the heels, waxing the edges of the shoe and even the popular superstitious method of biting my shoes (before it bites me).

So zoom forward to two years ago, I got my first pair of customized heels, and brought them on their first business trip. WOW. I am not just trying to sound as though a miracle was performed, but it made a huge difference. It didn’t feel like I was in heels, I got to feel taller and more confident but with the comfort of flats, which leads me to digress (briefly) from the topic to tell you I have 2 customized pairs, while heading to multiple locations in comfort.

A good pair of well fitted heels also eliminates the pain we have to go through to break in the shoes and helps stop us from avoiding them in the first place. Most of us neglect our feet, but they bear most of the brunt from our daily activities, no one said you had to limit yourself to flats for comfort and mobility. You can still sport a sexy looking pair of heels and still rock it.

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