Uncovering a Mystery: Should Shoes Length Have a Finger Space Behind?

Uncovering a Mystery: Should Shoes Length Have a Finger Space Behind?

Helloo elloo people, it is me again. Ending last month’s and starting this month’s blogpost. So, what have we been busy with beside clearing orders for the past fairs? We are brainstorming new designs for the next fair and of course, taking into consideration that Chinese New Year is just around the corner, some red design is almost a must. Stay tuned!!

Talking about our main business on customisation of shoes, I recently read an article on “When was the last time you had your feet measured?” It seems to be an uncommon thing in Asia, I realised. However, it is a rather common thing to do in European culture. Do your feet stop growing once you hit the adult age? Answer is no. Your feet are ever changing! Especially as you age over the time, your muscle tends to lose the elasticity and your feet tend to be broader. As such, the width does affect the length of your shoes as well.

Does the correct shoes size mean you need to have a finger spacing at the back? No, and that is a misunderstanding. Here’s some basic knowledge when selecting shoes:

1)     If you can easily put a finger into the back of your shoes, this pair of shoes is too big for you. If you can’t even have any space at the back of your shoes and feels that your feet are squashed out, go half a size bigger. The correct size should give you a very slight allowance of ” at the back of your shoes. The good thing about customisation of shoes is that we personally take your feet measurement, therefore size is just a reference. Our advantage is that we have half sizes too, e.g. between 37 and 38, we have 37.5.

2)     Between your longest toe to the tippy top of your shoes, there should be around ½” space. This is because your feet tend to shift when you move from a sitting position to a standing position and having this space ensures that your feet have space to move around.

3)     Most people try on shoes by only taking note of the length (which is the sizing system we discussed last week). However, the width is just as important as the length, though many a times, it is not being spelt out in a shoe size. So, the next time you look for a pair of shoes, make sure it fits you in all directions instead of one direction.

4)     Try both sides of the shoes. Never assume that as long as one side fits, the other side will fit too. We always encourage our customers to try on both sides and “catwalk” around. Make sure you feel comfortable in it.

5)     Breaking into new shoes: I am sure this is a topic that many wants to know about because even me myself start researching on that. There are some interesting “life hacks” that I read about to put water bag into the shoes and put them in freezer overnight. Well, I don’t know for you but this is pretty out for me. Why will I want to put my shoes into my freezer?! Ok, so some logical ways include wearing new shoes for short period of time instead of wearing it one full day for the first few times. Just like us adapting to a new environment, shoes take time to adapt to your feet shape.

6)     Are leather shoes harder to maintain? This is not entirely true. Genuine leather shoes are breathable (like our skin) while synthetic leather ones are non-breathable.  Leather shoes can’t be in touch with water? Not entirely true either, since we can’t control rain. However, if your shoes are in touch with water, do remember to dry them at the earliest possible time and it will be good to allow them to air/ventilate to prevent odour. If you are interested in learning more about caring for leather shoes, do make a pair with us today. Each pair comes with a shoe-care card for your reading.

How to find us? Make an appointment with us today. We are located at 11 Changi South Lane (near Singapore Expo). Alternatively, look out for our next pop-up booth at Aperia Mall (we are still in search of more upcoming locations).

Till the next time, ciao.


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