Utilitarian - Functional yet Stylish

Utilitarian - Functional yet Stylish

Hello Shoes Lovers! We’re fast moving into the mid of September already. How fast time flies! Hope all has been well for all our readers out there.

Have you watched fashion shows and wondered about the outfits that was presented on the runway? Wondered in a way, how you can incorporate the pieces into your everyday dressing if you were even to ever own one? I’m sure a few of you share my sentiments on the functionalities of these pieces. It always strikes me on the ingenuity of these designers, like how they’re always able to materialise these fantastic ideas into runway-worthy pieces. On the other hand, how do they even think ‘commoners’ like us would be able to pull these off into our everyday lives.

Which leads me to the utilitarian style that I want to talk about today. It’s functional yet stylish all at the same time. When you think about being functional, it would never occur to you that it can be trendy and fashionable. When you think stylish, you would never think that it would be functional enough. But the utilitarian style has managed to exhibit these two factors that no one would ever think that it will make a perfect match.

By merging both loose/flowy pieces with fitted pieces, it also creates a visual statement for this particular style which is probably what makes it so appealing. You may also notice that these utilitarian pieces are usually in the earthy colour scheme, like khaki, brown, grey, beige or even orange and yellow and they often involve functional zips, buttons (lots of them) and belts. For shoes, there’s always the trusty pair of boots that will complete your look. Otherwise, you can always go with a pair of heeled mules or even loafers.

Why not take this weekend to try this style out? Who knows you might get hooked on it? And if you ever need new shoes, you know who to look for *winks* Hope it has been a fruitful sharing session! Enjoy the weekend!



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