Valentine’s Day Gift – Perhaps A Pair of Glass Shoes?

Valentine’s Day Gift – Perhaps A Pair of Glass Shoes?

Have you ever wondered why so many fairy tales feature magical shoes? Needless to say, one of the most famous stories is Cinderella! Over the years, this story had been told and penned into many versions and perhaps the most outstanding one is written by the Brothers Grimm in 1850s!

Still, irregardless of which version, the fact remains that for Cinderella, a change of footwear has changed her life, twice: The first time from ash and cinders to a fancy new look; and the second time for the absolute best, back to the luxury, away from her awful step family, and lived happily ever after with her beloved prince! 

So you see, in literature, shoes are often transformative not just because they are made of glass or rubies: They are a symbolic means through which women find grounding in the world, and have their life changed, for better or worse.

Whilst in fairy tales , women’s entire lives could come down to her shoes, there is, however, a very modern conception of women’s lives being driven by shoes!  Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, shoes nowadays can become a direct way expressing one’s character, belief and desire! Just browse through her shoe collections in the cyber world and you will understand what it is meant! In short, modern men and women appreciate more on shoes as part of their taste and personalities than any era in the past!

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, perhaps one of the greatest gifts that you can ever honour your soulmate or better half is to share this knowledge of shoes to her, or even better, get at least a pair of custom-made shoes for her! Hee hee…

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!



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