Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

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Hello new readers and welcome back my friendly readers, I hope this will bring a great start to your St. Patrick weekend.

I am sure you are all not a stranger to Victoria Beckham. She first struck fame being known to us as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls. After her entertainment career slowed down, she moved into fashion. When she first started she had no prior education or exposure to the fashion industry.

She started her fashion line in September of 2008 with a group of designers with a small collection of 10 pieces in a low key show, it was only really after 4 years on working on her brand was she then begun to be taken seriously by her peers in the industry. In 2012 she started catching the attention of bigger fashion names and changed her popular image as a spice girl to a notable fashion icon. She has put understated designs simple components into beautiful collections. On top of building her empire, she was also raising 4 kids!

I have been following Victoria Beckham and her shoe collections has been caught my attention, her use of patterns, materials in unique prints and colours compliment her collections. The most recent fashion show in London Fashion week 2019 for her name brand, showed one of the most interesting shoes I have seen in  a while with open toe sock like heeled boots in leopard prints, bright red and loose fitted material. Weird as it sound it was beautiful as an ensemble and was a beautiful collection. And the theme of the collection, “A celebration of modern femininity”.

Let’s end this post with a quote we couldn’t agree more from Victoria Beckham.

“It’s my passion to make women feel empowered, beautiful and confident” – Victoria Beckham

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