You Earn Your Body, You Love Your Feet.

You Earn Your Body, You Love Your Feet.

Hello Shoes Lover! Time has passed us fast, and here we are welcoming yet another weekend. We hope the week has been kind to you!

Let’s talk about leading a healthy lifestyle today. But wait, you must be thinking what has leading a healthy lifestyle has anything to do with customized leather shoes? Trust me, it has everything to do with it.

You know how everyone is talking about leading a healthy lifestyle nowadays? Making healthier choices, eating more healthily and getting more exercise are some of the common topics that everyone is talking about and in particular getting more exercise. Almost every type of exercise requires you to use your legs and feet to move around.

Think of this situation: You’re a very active person. You just bought a new pair of everyday shoes, which you think fits you perfectly and will not cause you any pain or blisters. You happily wear it out, but to your horror, you feel the pain coming on from all sides of your feet that is in contact with the shoes. Soon enough, there are now painful blisters and tears on your feet and you have to stop your activities for a couple of days to let your feet recover from it. So, you can see that this is only one instance on how wearing the wrong pair of everyday shoes could hinder or even disrupt your healthy lifestyle.

Here at Le Cuore, we’re dedicated to ensuring that we help to minimize all possible discomforts that you may encounter with any new pair of shoes. Book an appointment with us and give this experience a go! Till the next post~




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