You Observe A Lot By Just Watching ~Yogi Berra

You Observe A Lot By Just Watching ~Yogi Berra

Hello elloo people,

TGIF!! This is Elsa here, the owner of Le Cuore. For those have just started following us, welcome here. For those who have been following us, please accept my sincere THANK YOU. <3

Le Cuore is having booth under “Crafter Market” at Guoco Tower, Level B2 (formerly known as Tanjong Pagar Centre) for this entire week from 8 to 13 July 2019. Have you visited us? If not, we will still be there till Saturday (13 Jul), 5pm.

So, I am going to start my long story about my recent observations. I have definitely learnt a lot from the dressing standards of different professions from all walks of life, ranging from hoteliers, bankers, professionals from creative industry, law firms, and etc. Some that can go crazy about designs and wanting to give a challenge to the next level of innovation, while some still try to follow the “required” dress code of black court shoes but using different material selection or different cutting/patterns to give them a little tinge of surprise.

 On the other hand, may I be really frank about this, almost half of those who were seriously listening to what we have to offer are people with bunions!! Although I have been kind of expecting this (expecting but not judging) since we are in town with many OLs (office ladies), the percentage of interested parties was still way beyond my expectations! While promoting what we can offer, my team was actively observing on how we can cater to different needs of the audience crowd and bunion was it. I am a very good example of someone who has bunion and bunionette but mine is hereditary, so of course it is very convincing how we cater to people with broader feet (taking off my shoes to show people my bunion on an average of 20 times a day). I do not go around asking whether theirs is caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes or by hereditary genes, because it is not important. I am more interested in how Le Cuore can offer solutions to this niche group of people who needs extra assistance to relieve their unspoken pain and grieve! When we say we offer wider width to cater for broad feet and bunions, we instantly saw eyes lighting up, as if seeing a ray of hope. We have many customers who instantly jumped in and say “let’s do it” and we took measurements and the needed procedures on the spot. Thank you for believing in us. It does mean a lot to us!

We had a customer who was so thrilled that we were the solution she was looking for and she made 4 pairs instantly. We also had customers who told me, “I am going to bring my so and so down the next day, I am sure he/she will be interested”. There we go, another 2 to 3 pairs done. Besides the theory of “the more, the merrier”, it is about being genuine in sharing what you believe is good. I will persist on to make this work.

Moving on, let’s emphasize on good quality shoes. Do not scrimp on them because you will end up spending more down the road trying to rectify them.

Do make an appointment with us! Promo price is going on till end of July 19.

“When you face yourself, you face the truth of who you are.”
Stephen Richards

Till the next time, ciao.



Le Cuore, ET

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