Your Shoes Your Choice Ain’t No Mistake About It!

Your Shoes Your Choice Ain’t No Mistake About It!

Hello Again!

We would like to offer a BIG thank you to the folks who made appointments and met up with us at our show room. We are so grateful for the support.  And most importantly, we are glad you are well on your way to receiving your first pair of customized shoes.

We noticed that one main issue faced when making the shoes is you being worried that you are making the wrong choice. We are so used to having a limited mixture of fixed designs so we do understand that you might feel overwhelmed or lost. Also there are no wrong choices.

The solution is simple – Let us into your imagination.

Don’t be shy with us. We don’t bite. We promise. Some things you can rest assured of,

1.       We know how materials might not mesh well together and what colours just will never work well together if you need help. 

2.       Feel free to ask us anything and explain to us what you are envisioning and we will do our best to get the design out for you. We understand that everyone has a different taste, likes and dislike and we are here to give you what you LOVE.

3.       When you set your appointment with us, rest assured that at least one staff dedicated to you or to you and your party of guests from start to end.

4.       We understand if you cannot make your choice at the end of your appointment, so don’t feel pressured or obligated, we can always have another appointment together.

5.       When you enter our showroom, feel free to roam the different shoes on display. We displayed them just for you.

6.       If you don’t see it in our showroom or sample album, let us know what you want. It would most likely be possible for us to do it for you.

Don’t be afraid to be follow your heart on the style you want.

But you know what, based on what we have experienced with you, we have been amazed with the designs and patterns that you have chosen to make, and we are looking forward to see them on you as much as you.

So make your appointment today if you haven’t, we are always here to help you every step of the way.


Le Cuore- IT

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