Your Style • Dare to Be

Your Style • Dare to Be

Hello Shoes Lover! Welcome to another week of sharing. Hope everyone is doing fine and looking forward to the weekend!

First and foremost, we are truly thankful for each and every one of our customers for giving us the opportunity to introduce this experience of customizing shoes to them.

Through the many interactions, I noticed that different people with different personalities have their own unique choice of materials of which they choose to form their own unique pair of shoes to represent themselves. For example, I do have a preference for unique prints; my personal favourites are army camo, marble and stripes.

Patterns feel like an additional form of self-expression as well as uniqueness unlike a conventional store bought pair of shoes. It also doesn’t fail to keep me excited on what the final product would be!

My encouragement to everyone is not to be shy or afraid to try out the different styles and materials. Taking the first daring step to be different can sometimes be difficult, especially if it steps you out of your comfort zone for something that you will be wearing very often. My advice, don’t knock it out till you try it. You can always start with small portions of patterns on your shoes and progressively get bolder! We provide you multiple options to try and be as unique as your imagination allows with the mixture of solids, patterns and even texture.

Only you can restrict your own style. Don’t hesitate! Go be your unique kind of beautiful! Till then, enjoy your weekend!



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