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TGIF again!! Hope the week has been well for you.

Gender equality!! We have been focusing a little more on ladies shoes for the past few weeks. So, this week, we will be sharing more on men shoes.

Well, you may say that men shoes are pretty standard. However, the challenging part is how you transform this standard into a non-standard. Even so, standard shoes require even more attention on the teeny-weeny details. How often do you pay attention to details like single stitch line or double stitch line? How often do you know how to name a pair of shoes like Derby, Oxford, or Loafers? Talking about all these nitty-gritty details, I would like to bring attention to this brand that I really admire - Berluti.

Berluti is a subsidiary of LVMH, making leather products such as shoes, bags, belts, and etc. However, today, I am only focusing one range - Shoes, and particularly one series - the Zero Cut series. Here’s to why I want to give special attention to this shoes series.

I came across this particular series in Orchard Road and I was looking at the description. Stunned for a minute, my mind was digesting what do they mean by Zero Cut and no stitching. Yes, you read it correctly. NO STITCHING on the upper. I was like “wow” and at the same time, “how?”. This Zero Cut series was first unveiled in the Fall/Winter 2018 show. It has obviously garnered a lot of attention, just by having no stitches. Now, for all you guys out there, you may want to take out any pair of your formal shoes and see, and maybe start figuring how to make it no stitches.

The reason for this no-stitching comes with a simple concept of optimal comfort. However, kudos to the effort and hard work put behind this simple concept. You can almost say it is a bespoke shoe because they can only produce 15 pairs a month, so it is limited edition.

For men shoe lovers out there, and those who appreciates engineering concept, you may be keen to do more research. Though I will say this is a classic art piece, but I will also say it is the engineering concept behind these shoes that makes it such a classic pair of shoes.

Though Le Cuore is not into making zero-cut yet (we have tried) but we do customisation of shoes for men too. We have different selections such as Oxford, Derby, Loafers, as well as short boots. Unlike certain brands that you see out there where men shoes pretty much sticks to colours such as black, different shades of brown, and navy blue, Le Cuore has a wide range of colours to offer. Enquire more from us today!

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