How to Measure Your Feet

Tools Needed

  • 1-2 pieces of A4 size paper
  • Pencil
  • A soft and bendable measuring tape

Measuring Your Foot

Le Cuore Measure Your Feet

Two measurements are needed:

  1. Length of your foot
  2. Width, also known as ball girth, of your foot

1. Measuring the Length of Foot

Le Cuore Measure Foot Length

  1. Place the A4 paper perpendicular to the wall. We suggest that you tape it down so that it will not move around.

  2. Hold on to a pencil.

  3. Place your foot perpendicular to the wall.

  4. Use the pencil to mark the longest point of your foot. (It may not necessarily be the big toe, some people may have the second toe as the longest toe.)

  5. Use a measuring tape to measure the length from the marking point till the edge of the paper (as indicated) and record your measurement.

2. Measuring the Width (Ball Girth) of Foot

Le Cuore measures ball girth

  1. Place measuring tape below your foot and step on it.
  2. Adjust from point to point, using the widest point (big toe joint to small toe joint).
  3. Wrap around your feet.
  4. Record your measurement.

3. Repeat the Same Steps for the Other Foot

Le Cuore Measures Feet